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Uh oh mom's calling! 😱

its the last thursday of the month, so you can check out the update long-style on webtoons or tapastic!😃

alternate art for page 25 XD

If you recognize the artwork in the top corner of pg25, I’m glad!! Kenojuak Ashevak's work is really inspiring to me and deserves to be known! I wanted to pay her a small homage by redrawing one of my favourite pieces by her, and the imagery of this one specifically makes me think of what’s to come for Karrak 👁

anyway, Kenojuak's story is really interesting and a literal keystone of Canadian history, so if you're unfamiliar with her, check it out!

Karrak’s chalk drawing artstyle was inspired by Sámi drums.

FUN FACT!: Since I was a teen, I based most of my aesthetics for the Dagmar Nation out of India, (like the window, the cup, and Kar's pillows) cuz I thought it would look cool to see Indian stylings in a snowy climate! I couldn't resist drawing inspiration from a few northern cultures as well tho! 😂 I’m excited to share more of their world in next week’s update.🥰

Poor boy thinks hes gonna live happily with his family for the rest of his life.😔

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